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Do you have a WordPress or Internet Marketing product that you wish to promote?

If you do, then you’ve come to right place.

WP Lighthouse is a growing WordPress and Internet Marketing blog that was founded in 2014. We believe that developments on the web are happening so fast that it is important to give different people a platform where they can share their valuable insights and unique experiences.

On our blog, we publish high-quality posts.

Over the years, WP Lighthouse has been mentioned and linked to from various other reputable blogs such as WP Mayor, Nichehacks, SEO Chat and others.

As a result, we often receive requests from companies wishing to contribute to our blog and this is why we have created our ‘WordPress Sponsored Post’ offering.

What we offer you

Publishing a sponsored post on WP Lighthouse can be a great marketing move especially for small to medium sized online businesses. Since we are still a small business ourselves, we are able to offer you added value and a personalised service.

This means that when you purchase a WordPress Sponsored Post, you get:

  • A permanent and indexed post on our blog.
  • Editorial assistance to ensure that your post is effective.
  • The post will be shared 3 times on Twitter and once on Facebook.
  • The post will be linked to from our newsletter.

All this gives you reputational enhancement as you will have a third-party (i.e. WP Lighthouse) mentioning your brand, giving you added brand exposure and of course you will enjoy several SEO benefits (with do-follow links).

If you are interested in the above, the good news is that a sponsored post costs just $15. To proceed, send an email to jeffrey[at]wplighthouse.com with the subject line ‘Sponsored Post’. Once you get in contact, I will send you the editorial guidelines and we’ll discuss all the details.

Speak soon,