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Do you ever wonder if you’re missing out on any blogging secrets?

Do you ever feel your lack of blogging knowledge is holding you back?

In a previous post, I showed how one blogger ended up getting 30,000 visitors/month in his first year. Seeing that, you might start to wonder. Does he know something that I don’t?


In this post, I’ve rounded up 10 resourceful (and friendly) bloggers and I asked them to reveal their favourite 5 blogging-related blogs. The places from where they actually learn how to be successful bloggers. The result is a list of 37 blogs, all of which offer a lot of very useful, helpful, and valuable resources.

However, please note. This post is 3000 words long. Take your time with it. Bookmark it. You don’t need to read every word now, but go through it slow and visit at least a few of the recommended blogs. You will certainly find something useful that will help you succeed online.

Also, make sure to check out the bonus material right at the end!

Before I end this intro, I’d like to thank the MyBlogU and blogging communities where many of these bloggers hang out. If you’re a beginner blogger, join these communities as they are great places to make friends.

Now Onwards!

1) Carrie-Anne Foster from

  • Fabulous Blogging – Fabulous Blogging is a great place where you’ll find a variety of tutorials, tips & tricks for bloggers, and so much more.
  • – In addition to providing valuable content for bloggers, has an exceptional selection of photographs available free for use. You can sign up to the newsletter list to recieve photos delivered right to your inbox, as well as receive access to other blogging resources.
  • The Branded Solopreneur – My go to website for everything to do with visual branding. Excellent articles that cover what you need to know when it comes to branding yourself, or your business.
  • Wade Harman – This website is all about relationship marketing. Fantastic articles on how to create content people will read, how to relate to your community, and improve your social media relatioships.
  • Blog Aid – Just as the name suggests, this website covers WordPress for non-coders. MaAnna Stephenson keeps readers up to speed on new plugins, updates, SEO and more. A great website that helps people gain confidence and success with their own website.

2) Richard Martin from Smart Income Detective

  • – One of the things that impresses me about Adrienne’s site is that it offers total value every time I visit. The Queen of Engagement, Adrienne was crowned ‘Engagement Superstar’ by Danny Iny at Firepole Marketing and has helped countless bloggers realise that there is more to blogging than tapping away at a keyboard and hitting the publish button.
  • One Hour Professor – Ron’s excellent site is relatively new to the world of blogging, but his content always blows me away. His main content comes in the form of free tutorials covering everything from implementing Google Analytics to Conversion Strategies. Of course, it helps that he is a full time marketing manager as well as a college professor. Roll all into one and you have the perfect combination in the the One Hour Professor.
  • Carol Amato – Carol’s blog is one I deeply admire. Her posts always attract hundreds of comments, and it’s easy to see why; her content absolutely rocks! Her passion and goals are crystal clear – to help people succeed with their online business. Carol’s site is a joy to visit, and I have learnt a lot from her over the last year.
  • Blogging From Paradise – This is a guy who knows what he wants, knows how to achieve it, and is dedicated to helping others achieve the same. Enter Ryan Biddulph. Ryan is all about the content, where he shares some absolutely epic tips on blogging, internet marketing and making money from home. In fact, scrub the ‘from home’ thing, because Ryan has been Blogging from Paradises such as Bali, Costa Rica and Thailaind, to name just a few.
  • Sylviane Nuccio – Writer, Blogger, World Traveller, and Mindset Coach – that’s my blogging friend Sylviane. Sylviane’s blog is a lovely mixture of blogging tips, writing strategies and posts related to our mindset, as well as stories from her European travels mixed in. An accomplished writer, her blog is packed full of valuable insights and ideas.

3) Ali Lawrence from MarCom Land

  • Alicia-Lawrence-compressorCopyblogger – I love their writing style and have actually copied their blog formats quite a few times.
  • Enchanting Marketing – Her snackable writing course (delivered via email) is delicious!
  • Hubspot Blog – Great for all around info on SEO and how to help your blog to do well on the web & social media.
  • QuickSprout – Neil Patel is an awesome writer and I try to emulate his style. His articles are very helpful for running a successful blog whether it’s personal or business.
  • OkDork – Noah Kagan has some interesting posts based on massive data collections (such as what he learned after analyzing 1 million headlines).

4) David Leonhardt from THGM

These are my favourite blogs to read because they consistently deliver useful content. I can count that every time I read them, I will pick up an idea to implement right away, or I will pick up an idea to build on for a blog post of my own, or to discuss in social media, or in a mastermind group.

The second reason, and call me “crazy” on this – no, wait, call me “lazy” on this – I have easy access to these blogs.  I already network with the bloggers and participate with them in social media, so their posts come up in front of my eyes without me having to search for them.  This is an important lesson for any marketer: the more effortless you make it to read/buy/join/share, the more conversions you will have.

The third reason I like these blogs is that I know my followers on social media will find their posts useful, so I can always share them.

A fourth reason, at least for two of the bloggers, is that they are now my children on the new Tsu social network, and that makes them family!

A fifth reason is that three of them run social networks that I love participating in, and reading their blogs is just an extension of that participation. As for the other two, I have guest-blogged on both their blogs, so my participation level with these blogs is quite high. Participation counts. When I feel part of a community, I enjoy reading the blog.

5) Adrienne from Cleverpedia

  • adrienne-cleverpediaCoSchedule – I love CoSchedule! Always something actionable or scientifically-based, really well-thought out pieces about everything from the best length of a list post to the best WordPress comments system. If I am feeling uninspired, I go read this blog.
  • Buffer Social – Another great choice. Again, very actionable content that is almost always something I can glean something from.
  • BuzzStream – Great outreach advice, if you want to augment your blogging with guest blogging.
  • ViperChill – Interested in more of the technical, SEO-driven side of things? ViperChill has you covered.
  • Content Marketing Institute – Always a good one. They provide great advice about creating valuable content for your readers.

6) Jolynn Oblak from

  • Jolynn OblakByRegina – Regina focuses on providing blog tips and tools for creatives and solopreneurs. Her content is rock solid and so are her tools. I use her blogging planner and her business workbook all the time.
  • Michelle Schaeffer – I love the content on Michelle’s blog. It’s short and sweet and to the point advice, which I love. Her freebies are pretty great too. Need headline ideas for your blog?
  • Copyblogger – The best place to go for content marketing tips. They have a lot of free resources to take your content to the next level.
  • Become a Blogger – Leslie has an impressive amount of resources from his podcast to his free training on how to get started blogging. He is a new bloggers dream!
  • Blogging Wizard – I love this website, it is full of blogger resources like a blog promotions checklist and other VIP resources for free. He shares all the tips that have helped him grow a massive following.

7) Liudas Butkus from EasyM6

  • Liudas ButkusMatthew Woodward – It feels like every single post that gets published here could be sold as a product. You can find the newest, freshest information that others are keeping for their products to make money, but here you get it all for free. If you want to be on top of blogging, SEO, and online marketing topics, then subscribe to this blog.
  • Copyblogger – If you want to write better content, then follow Copyblogger.
  • Ben Settle – Ben is an advocate for building an audience and communicating with it daily. His preferred method is email, but you can use a lot of the concepts for your blog as well.
  • Social Triggers – Whatever the goal of your online business, you need to optimize your blog for it and this is what Social Triggers is all about. It analyzes what makes people take action and gives you tips on how to implement that knowledge in your business.
  • BloggerScope – This isn’t a blog, but it curates the top blogs in the industry and shows the top blog posts for the day. It’s one of the best ways to discover great content.

8) Maxwell Ivey from The Blind Blogger

  • Maxwell – Adrienne is a personable woman who blogs about relationship marketing and the value of building connections. She is very generous. I love how practical her suggestions always are.
  • Aha Now – Harleena Singh is a very genrous woman who is always there to support people on social media. If you leave a comment on one of her posts or guest post on her site she will visit your blog, read your latest post and share the heck out of it. She also has a growing comunity for bloggers called the aha now blogging community whose members, including myself, refer to ourselves as ahaians.
  • Robin Hallett – while Robin doesn’t focus stirctly on blogging her advice on loving yourself and how to be a online business owner without losing your soul, or without becoming spammy and sleazy, are very important to me.
  • Wording Well – Lorraine writes about blogging writing editing etc. she has a real feel to her and often includes person posts.
  • The Wonder Of Tech – Carolyn blogs about the technology us bloggers use to do our jobs. its kind of in the back door but she is a very supportive person. also she was the one who brought the be my eyes app to my atttention. Her interest in supporting and promoting apps that help the blind is to be commended.

9) Andrea Beltrami from The Branded Solopreneur

  • Andrea – Knowing and teaching are two different things. It’s rare that you find a voice that is incredibly authoritative and engaging at the same time. I love Thomas E. Hanna because his writing is very much driven by storytelling and analogies, which makes grasping the strategies and principles he teaches incredibly long lasting. Thomas can take a point others try desperately to make and distill it down and deliver it in a way that really sticks with you.
    I’m also a devotee because of the goodies. Every week Thomas gifts his own breathtaking photography, royalty free, to his community for use anyway they please. He’s a must have resource on so many levels!
  • Social Triggers – It’s no secret that success in marketing and sales, boils down to human behaviors. To be a successful blogger is to understand emotional triggers and the behaviors of your readers. Derek Halpern, the founder of Social Triggers, brings grade A strategies for leveraging proven psychology and behaviors to the table, and always backs them up with data…and a side of sarcastic humor.
    Derek’s shamefully honest way of breaking down human behavior is a breath of fresh air in a sea of gassy noise. His videos are double watch worthy!
  • Socially Sorted – The visual side of blogging is arguably more important than any other aspect. The fact is, if you don’t get someone’s attention with visuals they’re never going to invest time exploring anything else of yours. Visuals create the pause bloggers need for folks to take to capture their attention.
    Donna’s blog, Socially Sorted, is a breeding ground of visual mastery ripe for the devouring. Donna Moritz is on the pulse of everything visual. She breaks down strategies for social media domination via visual content, including how to create visual content, how to leverage it and everything in between. If you’re looking to perfect your visual game, Donna’s a gal that can help you do it!
  • Maximize Social Business – Social media is flat out synonymous with blogging these days, it’s just part of the digital era we live in. Staying on top of the rapidly changing social landscape is a tough job for bloggers, but Maximize Social Business makes it possible.
    Neal Schaffer, the founder of Maximize Social Business, does a brilliant job of pulling in writers and contributors that have an in-depth understanding of how to leverage social media to foster relationships and build brand recognition. MSB’s posts are refreshingly fluff free and chalked full of implementable strategies and tactics. They’re really the one stop shop for bridging the gap between your blog and the social stratosphere.
  • ByRegina –  I don’t care what part of blogging has you stumped, Regina has the solution and resource you need. Her blog posts span so many facets of blogging you can’t help but fall down her rabbit hole only to come out a much better blogger.
    In addition to her weekly blog posts, she’s got a free resources section that rivals any other out there. It includes checklists, spreadsheets, templates, you name it. She’s got the blogging chops the rest of us can only hope to attain some day. Following her is one of the best decisions I’ve made for my blogging mastery.

10) Jeffrey Romano from WP Lighthouse

  • Jeffrey Romano at WP LighthouseBoost Blog Traffic – Jon Morrow is a genius. Former editor at Copyblogger, he knows A LOT about blogging and always shares unique insights from his vast experience on how to succeed as a professional blogger.
  • Elegant Themes Blog – This is my favourite blog that covers WordPress as well as other topics like Social Media. I like them because their posts are easy to understand and their visuals often compliment the subject matter discussed very well, making the blog a joy to read.
  • Be a Freelance Blogger – Run by Sophie Lizard, this blog is probably the best blog for bloggers & writers who want to get started as professional freelance bloggers. BAFB includes a number of helpful resources answering common questions asked by freelance writers (e.g. how much should you charge?). The website also includes a free community forum.
  • Enchanting Marketing – Henneke is renown for her snackable free writing course delivered via email. It’s ideal for busy people wanting to take their writing to the next level. Naturally, her blog is similarly helpful as she discusses very relevant writing challenges that many bloggers experience in their career online.
  • Problogger – Everyone is familiar with Problogger. It’s been around for ages. If you have a question about blogging, it’s probably been covered here. An excellent place to start for any beginner blogger as their content is always top-notch.

[BONUS] Would You Like To Contribute To These Leading Blogs?

Have you ever had that scary desire inside of you, in which you wish to actually contribute to a leading blog?

Because this is exactly how I’ve felt many times.

If this is how you feel too, and you blog about blogging, now is the time to start guest blogging.

You see, to get over your fear, you need to step up. Pitch an idea to the blog. That’s it. The worst that can happen is that you get turned down, which isn’t really a big deal if you think about it.

From my experience, most bloggers are really nice people and as long as you are geniunly trying to add value, then you will find them to be very receptive and helpful.

Right after the first time I got published in a leading blog, I changed. I stopped thinking twice about pitching ideas to other blogs. I realized that my writing can add value to many people’s lives. Now, that’s why I write.

If you’re a blogger and you have something worth sharing, something that can make a difference, then it is your responsibility to share your message as much as possible. Make a difference. Guest blogging is one way, a great way, in which you can share your message and make a difference.

As a bonus, here are the guest blogging guidelines of many of the leading blogs listed above. You know what to do with them.

Conclusion. Becoming a Top Blogger.

Many of us want to be leaders in our field.

Sure, reading top blogs is a great way to stay on top of things.

But think about it. If you’re just reading what leaders say, you’re not really leading. You’re following.

To lead, you need followers. You need an established audience.

And that’s what guest blogging gives you. An established audience.

If you want to be a Top Blogger, guest blog. I’m going to be writing more about guest blogging and how you can use this method to help people, add value to your audience, and establish yourself as a leader. Sign up below to start receiving my free resources helping bloggers establish themselves online.

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Finally, if you’ve enjoyed this post, please leave a comment below mentioning your favourite blog. Let’s build this resource list and add value together.

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Jeffrey Romano is the co-founder of WP Lighthouse and a passionate entrepreneur.
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