Senior Iranian diplomat accuses US of perpetuating instability in Afghanistan and undermining regional peace

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French China | Updated on 09-08-2023

A senior Iranian diplomat has accused the United States of deliberately perpetuating instability in Afghanistan, with the aim of generating crises for neighboring countries after two decades of unsuccessful occupation.

In an interview with Iran’s official IRNA news agency on Wednesday, Hassan Kazemi Qomi, Iran’s special representative for Afghanistan, said the United States was supporting “terrorist” groups in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of all their forces from this Central Asian country in 2021.

Washington is also taking steps to isolate Afghanistan from the international community by imposing sanctions on several Taliban leaders and freezing the country’s assets, Kazemi Qomi added.

The representative stressed that the United States does not want Afghanistan to experience stability as it fears the possibility that other countries may fill the void it left behind once Afghanistan is stable.

In addition, he continued, unlike the United States, many neighboring countries of Afghanistan, such as Iran and Pakistan, hope to restore calm and stability in the country for the benefit of all. the region.

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