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The skill of mastering Facebook Advertising is only going to become more important in 2015.

It’s being widely predicted that ad spend on social media platforms is going to continue to grow next year. Focusing on Facebook, this is mainly due to two reasons.

First, Facebook is further limiting the organic reach of its Pages. Secondly, Facebook has made its sidebar ads bigger and more effective.

Following these changes, I interviewed entrepreneur and Facebook Ad specialist Brittany Keller on how small business owners and startups should be thinking about Facebook Adveritising and the possibility of outsourcing it.

Tell us about yourself and your experience with Facebook Ads

Brittany Keller on Outsourcing Your Facebook AdveritisingMy name is Brittany and I run 87 Flamingos Facebook ad management service. I’ve been running my own Facebook ads for several years now and 87 Flamingos is my first foray into running ads for other people.

What are the main benefits of using Facebook Advertising?

The main benefits of using Facebook ads are the incredibly specific targeting options, as well as the cheaper cost per click compared to Google Adwords.

With Facebook, you can target people from very general all the way down to niche specific audiences. For example, you can target wedding photographers who recently purchased a new camera.

What types of businesses should be using Facebook Ads?

All businesses can benefit from Facebook advertising.  Because of the incredibly specific targeting, even small local businesses can reach the right customers. 

I have found though, that companies looking to promote their content, versus just their products, have more success.  This goes back to the fundamentals of Facebook.  People on Facebook aren’t in shopping mode, they are in content mode, so it makes sense that ads promoting blog posts do better than product specific ads.

Why do you think a small business owner, or startup, should outsource Facebook Advertising to a specialist?

Outsourcing your Facebook ads to a specialist means that you can get away from all the nitty gritty that comes with learning a new advertising platform.

Most business owners are very bad at marketing themselves and by outsourcing, you remove emotion from the equation.  The feature or benefit of your service or product that you adore might not be the one that actually sells your product best to new customers, and an objective 3rd party manager will discover that quickly.

What is the Minimum Ad budget you suggest for someone to outsource their Facebook Advertising Management?

Small businesses should start looking to outsource their Facebook ads as soon as they can find a manager who costs 10% or less of their monthly ad spend. 

Many ad managers charge $1000 or more per month, so they become an option once a business is spending about $10,000 or more per month on Facebook ads.  On the other hand, 87 Flamingos starts at $87 per month, so this is more in the realm of most small businesses who are spending $1000 or even less per month.

It’s important to find a manager who fits with your business and management style and who understands what you are looking to get out of your ads.  Just because you can afford a certain manager does not mean that they are right for your company, and in fact some may even turn you away if you are not the right client for them.  Don’t be offended!  This just means that they are saving both of you bigger headaches by recognizing that you are not a good fit off the bat.


(Back to me, Jeffrey)

I think this was an insightful interview and its great to get into the mind of someone whose job it is to solely manage Facebook Ads.

Paid Advertising on social media is a growing trend and it will be interesting to see whether more small businesses start outsourcing their Facebook Advertising to specialists. My prediction is that they will.

Will you be outsourcing your Facebook Advertising? Why? What struck you from this interview?

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