Plato & Aristotle

Plato & Aristotle discussing WordPress.

For our first post, I’d like to share a little bit why we created WP Lighthouse, the meaning of life and who we are out to serve.

WordPress is a wonderful business tool. It is great at empowering people to express themselves. However, it does have a number of significant shortcomings.

The problem with WordPress

One common challenge with WordPress is that because it has become so powerful, it has also become increasingly complex.

For example, if you consider security, it is not enough just to update the WordPress core software (something that most webmasters don’t do often enough). Since most websites use a number of plugins, these have to be updated too. The problem is that these plugins don’t always play well with WordPress, or even with other plugins.

So even something as straightforward as carrying out a technical update, has become more complex.

This increased complexity is hurting WordPress users, from accountants to freelancers to consultants. These people are professionals, passionate about their work, but are not necessarily technical when it comes to websites.

The meaning of life stuff

Different people have different understandings to what the meaning of life is. Some believe ‘happiness’ & ‘excellence’ is our purpose (Aristotlelianism). Others believe the meaning of life is something we need to decide on ourselves (Existentialism).

Whatever you think of this issue, unless you’re a developer, spending your precious time troubleshooting WordPress can’t be getting you closer to fulfillment. I’m serious.

With expert assistance, WordPress users will be able to maintain their website securely and increase its business value. This is what we offer: efficiency, peace of mind, and improved website performance.

Unfortunately, many website owners are afraid to experiment with their website. Something might break. Then what does one do?

Our clients won’t have this issue. Apart from being able to ask us for assistance, they will have regular backups of their website giving them the freedom to experiment with plugins and new functionality.

The reality is that many professionals don’t get anywhere close to acquiring the maximum value from their website.  This is why we are here.

Getting you closer to fulfillment

Although we love working with WordPress, what we are passionate about is helping serious professionals improve their online brand with peace of mind (i.e. security) and efficiency (i.e. advice). We’re working hard for our expert assistance to be exactly what you need.

And if we can help you get one step closer to achieving the purpose of your life, that would make our day.

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Jeffrey Romano is the co-founder of WP Lighthouse and a passionate entrepreneur.
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