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This Is Your Opportunity To Win $6500 in Prizes

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Enticing Marketing (a collaboration between MadLemmings & 90DayPro) is organizing a giveaway that has over $6500 in prizes.

Here is the prize list to drool over:

  • Website Hosting – 3 x 1 year of hosting with Siteground. This is great for anyone who wants better than average hosting with more reliability and better website speed.
  • SEO –  1 year of SEMRush and 3 x Long Tail Pro. These are popular tools to perform competitor research and to find new keyword opportunities for your website! Valuable stuff!
  • Social Media Marketing – Mav Social & Hashtagify subscriptions. Mav Social is for Managing Social Publication of Visuals. Hashtagify gives you great analytical and educational information to leverage hashtags for your blog! For those wanting a competitive advantage these tools will help you get it.
  • Content Marketing – 3 x 1 year of Paperli Pro. Create amazing online Papers to share and take content curation to the next level. This is another way to stand out as most people use the free version, you’ll have the pro with better branding and advertising opportunities.
  • Themes & WordPress Page Builder: 1 Copy of Thrive Themes, 2 copies of Thrive Content Builder. These are basically the tools you need to build Conversion-focused WordPress websites. In order words, websites with the design and funcionality you need to earn money online.
  • Blogging Course  – by Adrienne Smith.
  • LinkedIn Course – by Sarah Santacroce.
  • Video Marketing Course – by Ryan Stone.
  • Giveaway Plugin: 1 copy of KingSumo so you can host your own viral giveaway and grow your email list!
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Click the link above to take part. Then all you need to do is answer one question (the answer is obvious) and the enter your email address. That’s it.

Why am I promoting this Giveaway?

This is quite an unconvential post for WP Lighthouse. This blog however, is not about me. This blog is all about helping small business bloggers and beginners online acquire the knowledge and tools they need to achieve their professional goals.

If you win this giveaway, you’ll have access to tools that many bloggers dream of having, but can’t afford.

I am not running this giveaway. Its being run by a couple of professionals (Brandon Schaefer and Ashley Faulkes) well respected in the community. I trust them with my email address which is all you have to do.

Also, this is not part of some affiliate scheme in which I earn something if you participate. I don’t. If you use my link, I do get more a few more entries in the giveaway but that’s all (would you write 500 words plus do promotion work just for that?).

I wrote this post to give something back to my readers and help a couple of hard-working bloggers in the process.

So get in and I hope you win! Here’s the link one last time: Giveaway link (the giveaway is closing soon).

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