You blog a few times every month. And you try to be active on social media.

Yet you don’t really know where blogging will take you in the next 12 months.

Perhaps you ask yourself, “should I keep at it?”

“What should I do to make it big?”

“How do I get more traffic?”

I know how you feel. I’ve been there.

The good news for you

This blog post is about what is possible, for you. [spoiler: you can do a lot in one year]

Together, we shall be going through case studies of five popular bloggers. We’ll mention achievements that you can replicate in your first year of blogging.

The purpose of this exercise is for you to be better informed when setting your blogging expectations for the next 12 months.

First off:

1) Jean Galea from

Jean GaleaBack in late 2010, Jean started a WordPress focused website called WP Mayor. After his first twelve months of blogging, Jean managed to get his monthly traffic up to 17,000 unique visitors.

The approach he took was that he created a considerable amount of content. He published around 100 posts in his first 12 months. Most of these were tutorials and reviews that were helpful to the WordPress community.

Today, WP Mayor gets in excess of 100,000 visitors per month. Jean has managed to monetize the blog through advertising, affiliate marketing and by promoting his services. He has also developed his own product, a WordPress plugin called WP RSS Aggregator, which has been successful with over 200,000 downloads to date.

Key Takeaway:

2) Matthew Woodward from

Matthew WoodwardMatthew started his blog in 2012. Similar to Jean, he focused on creating tutorials and reviews, though this time for the Internet Marketing community. In his first year, Matthew wrote around 37 blog posts and reached around 10,000 monthly unique visitors.

One characteristic that makes stand out is the detail and comprehensiveness of its posts. It’s clear that the Internet Marketing community really appreciates this work. This is evident by the high amount of engagement Matthew has on his blog.

Today, Matthew reaches circa 50,000 unique visitors every month. Oh, and a small extra detail. In less than three years, he’s made over $300,000 from his blog. Nice!

Key Takeaway: 

Note: Matthew works around 70-80 hours per week. Check out Matt’s latest blog post on how he built a Top 100 Blog in 12 months. It’s epic.

3) Stuart Walker from

Stuart WalkerStuart is the owner of, an online marketing blog focused on finding and dominating your niche. After just one year he is already receiving over 30,000 visitors per month. That’s a lot!

Stuart has published a whopping 117 posts in his first year blogging. That’s a great accomplishment even though some of these were guest posts.

One of the things that I really like about NicheHacks is that Stuart manages to find original topics to write about in an industry in which there already are thousands of consistent bloggers. I wouldn’t say that the Internet Marketing niche is saturated, but there is a lot of competition, and Stuart certainly stands out with his content.

Key Takeaway:

4) Regina Anaejionu from

Regina I’ve only recently come across Regina’s work but I have to say that I’ve been pleasantly impressed.

Regina’s blog is targeted at bloggers and creativepreneurs . The figures that follow aren’t exactly of one year’s work but they give a good idea of her achievements roundabout that time-period.

Regina attracted close to 10,000 monthly visits to her blog and by that time she was making around $1500 per month. I think that’s a good platform for future growth. In her latest update, she reported that she earned $7000 in one month from her blog and consulting.

What I really like about Regina’s blog is how she brings out her personality and style unto her blog. She does this through her casual writing style and through her unique visuals which she obviously works very hard on..

Key Takeaway:

5) Robbie Richards from

Robbie RichardsWith Robbie, we’re not so much looking at what he achieved within one year but rather what he achieved with just one blog post.

But first off, I’d like to point out that Robbie started his blog on July 2014 and he’s published a grand total of just 8 blog posts. His blog is about actionable online marketing strategies.

What struck me about Robbie is that he’s managed to go from 0 to 51,000 pageviews in just 19 weeks. One of his blog posts got over 10,000 visits in 30 days. That’s massive!

Robbie is another example of somebody who goes the extra mile to stand out. He works hard on his content but probably works even harder on his content promotion.

Key Takeaway:

Your next twelve months

We’ve seen that there are different ways to succeed as a blogger.

But the first steps are always the same.

Commit yourself, create a plan, and follow through. It’s that simple, (unless you complicate it).

One great way to motivate yourself is by entering a blogging competition. Popular blogger Ann Smarty is running one right now. The application deadline is end of December and the prize is $1000. If you’re interested, hurry up!

You don’t have to win, but committing yourself to a short competition will get you motivated to begin building the right habits that will help you start succeeding.

Round-up of key takeaways

(re-read them)

  • Being committed to consistent content creation & being genuinely helpful are both big contributors to building a successful blog.
  • Stand out with comprehensive posts that take a lot of time to create. Well directed hard work pays off.
  • You can be original and creative, whatever your blogging niche.
  • The ability to bring out your personality online is a big asset if you want to succeed as a blogger.
  • Content promotion is just as important as content creation.


You can achieve a lot with blogging.

The web offers so much opportunity that today there are many bloggers earning a six-figure income from their blog.

But they all started as beginners.

If you are beginner, within 12 months, you can start attracting tens of thousands of visitors to your blog and be making several thousands per month. If that appeals to you, commit, plan, and follow through.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – Laozi

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What struck you most from this post? And what is the blog goal you want to reach in the next 12 months?

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Jeffrey Romano is the co-founder of WP Lighthouse and a passionate entrepreneur.
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