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This might be a harsh statement, but it is becoming increasingly true!

Marketing on Facebook has changed.

Facebook used to be a marketer’s dream come true. It was paradise.

However, in this last year, certain controversial developments from Facebook are making it less of an ideal advertising platform and it is slowly turning into a black hole for your marketing budget.

Facebook Is Giving Brands Less Visibility Over Time

One of these controversial developments has been the reductionFacebook Page Likes Don't Matter Anymore cat meme of the organic reach of Facebook page posts. At the moment, on average a post that is published on a Facebook page reaches around 3% of the people who like that particular page.

In other words, if you have 1000 likes Facebook will show your status update to only around 30 people. That sucks.

Furthermore, Facebook has recently announced that as from January, even fewer promotional posts will be published in users newsfeed.

And considering your post is competing with baby and cat photos, engagement and marriage notifications, and funny videos, unless you have something SUPER interesting to say, in a SUPER interesting way, nobody will pay attention to your little business page.

Does Facebook Targeting Work Against You?

I recently read an interesting post by Matthew Barby state that it costs more to advertise to people who like your page, than to people who do not like your page!

Admittedly, I have yet to test this. However, if this is true then it would mean it might be better to have less likes!

Some established brands are leaving Facebook altogether!

Yep! Two of the latest high-profile exits from Facebook include Eat24 and Copyblogger. Eat24 had a hilarious Facebook page with over 70,000 Facebook fans, but they decided they weren’t getting enough bang for their buck on Facebook. So they left.

Copyblogger is one of the most popular content marketing brands online. They had 38,000 fans. I mean these guys are world renowned content marketing experts, and even they thought that it was better not to be on Facebook. Instead, they’re focusing on Twitter & Google Plus and other marketing channels.

Things have never been so … complicated

Facebook Page Likes are a vanity metric. They make you feel good about yourself, but in the grand scheme of things, they are insignificant and useless.

To add insult to injury, promoting your business on Facebook is becoming even more complicated by the day.

With advertising restrictions, newsfeed algorithm changes, policy changes, these all affect the Facebook marketer’s job. As things get more complex, they will become more expensive to manage.

Facebook advertising is increasingly becoming a marketing niche in its own right with its own experts. Unless you have one of those experts in your team, you’re going to be at a disadvantage.

A Facebook Marketing Expert would have a lot of experience with Facebook Advertising (on a large scale), and s/he would understand Facebook specific topics like how the newsfeed algorithm works and Facebook Engagement psychology, among other topics.

The situation of increasing complexity is exactly the same with Google Adwords which used to be simple but today is perceived to be too complex to manage by the average business owner.

Like advertising in the newspaper, putting one or two ads is consistently useless. Brands that do well with newspaper advertising are those that invest in long advertising campaigns and achieve a certain measure of brand recognition. This will become even more significant in Facebook too with users more likely to click on ads by brands that they recognize.


Facebook is not free advertising and it is not getting any easier.

Make sure that you understand this and make plans for the future. If you are highly dependent on Facebook Marketing, perhaps you should try experimenting with other marketing methods.

Facebook will be good for brands that can regularly dish out engaging content. Jan Rezab from Socialbakers stated that “for brands that don’t, this will be a sign to re-focus their content”.

For those brands who want to continue marketing on Facebook, making use of Facebook Ads will be crucial. More than ever, it will be crucial to optimize your ads to achieve the best ROI on your advertising spend. For this reason, we’ve spoken to Brittany Keller, a Facebook Ad specialist, to see what she had to say about outsourcing Facebook Ad management to achieve better advertising results. Check out the brief exclusive interview here.
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Do you think Facebook Marketing will be right for your business in 2015? 


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