A few months ago we started working with Pippa’s Paddock, aShowing off in Alia, Sicily guesthouse offering rural style accomodation in Sicily. They specialise in horse-riding holidays and also provide other activity holidays such as cycling tours, camping & yoga retreats.

Mark Camilleri, the owner of the place, started out with absolutely no knowledge of WordPress. Nonetheless, in a few months he has managed to develop his business’ website, optimize his website for search engines (SEO) and carry out other Internet Marketing tasks. Along the way, he experienced a number of challenges. However, he always had an open mind and was willing to learn and ask for help.

We helped Mark by helping him choose the right plugins, explained certain concepts like blogging, and even took care of some things for him, like backups.  Mark’s website now is more complete, enjoys more visibility, and Pippa’s Paddock is better for it.

In Mark’s own words:

“Without you guys my website would have stayed as a “nothing” lingering somewhere about a hundred pages down on Google’s ranking, and being seen by no-one except the people I specifically direct to it. Now I am constantly on the front page of many searches.

This is thanks to your constant advice and observations. I learnt that to make your website work there is no magic formula or quick fixes. It needs a steady regular watchful eye and frequent small interventions. You guys have given me that and carry on doing so way beyond the basic necessity. I cannot thank you enough.”

As a side note, Pippa’s Paddock is now also ranked as the number 1 speciality lodging in Alia, Sicily on TripAdvisor. A nice achievement.

Mark is a great example of how with commitment and a helping hand, business owners can turn their website into a success. This “I can do it” attitude is what seperates winners from losers. At WP Lighthouse, we’re here by your side ready to give you that helping hand. You can get through WordPress challenges and have a website that truly contributes to your business success.


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Jeffrey Romano is the co-founder of WP Lighthouse and a passionate entrepreneur.
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