China allocates 1 billion yuan to help flood storage areas

China has allocated 1 billion yuan (about 139.69 million U.S. dollars) to compensate for losses in recently inundated areas of the Haihe River basin for floodwater storage purposes, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Wednesday. Finance and the Minister of Water Resources.

In recent days, the Haihe River Basin has suffered flooding caused by rainstorms caused by Typhoon Doksuri, and eight national floodwater storage areas, located in Tianjin, Hebei and Henan, have been used.

According to the ministers, about 1.85 billion cubic meters of water have been stored, which has helped to relieve the pressure of flood control in downstream areas.

The fund aims to compensate the loss of property of people living in these areas, including damage to crops, livestock and poultry, commercial forests, housing and agricultural machinery, to help them regain their livelihood. production and life as quickly as possible, the ministers said.

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