WordPress Security Hardening


WordPress Security Hardening is for website owners who want to protect their website from common online security threats.

Whether you are a small business owner, the IT manager, or a freelancer, our service can prove critical in protecting your websiteWordPress Security Hardening service picture from hackers. This service is available for just €97 (excl. VAT). 

If you want to get into the technicalities, these are the features of this WP Security service:

Complete Backup

Before we start tinkering with your website, we will take a complete backup of your website. That way if anything goes wrong during the process, we can always restore your website as it originally was before we started working on it. When our work is done, we’ll take another backup too. Each backup will be stored for a maximum of six months.

Update WP Core, Plug-ins & Theme

Many website owners are afraid to update the software behind their website in case something breaks. We understand you. Since we have a back-up of your website, we create a copy of your website in our test environment. We then carry out the updates there. If we see that nothing breaks, we carry out the updates on your live site.

Plug-ins & Theme Clean-up

If you have plug-ins and themes that are not being used, are redundant or outdated, we will point them out to you.

Advanced Database & Settings Configurations

When hardening your website security, we go through a check-list of advanced configurations that close many doors for hackers.

Vulnerability & Malware Scans

These scans will point out common security failures in the WordPress installation. In addition, they provide recommended security related configuration improvements to enhance the security of the website against future attacks.

If you are interested in our WordPress Security Hardening, please try our free website security test below or feel free to contact us here.

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